About Us

Established in 1995 and with a history of helping hundreds of companies get headed in the right direction quickly, Castlebreck is Canada’s leading IBM Premier Business Partner for collaboration software solutions.

Our team takes a unique approach by understanding your business fully and helping you make the right decision for your organization. Our deep knowledge and skill in the collaboration space ensures a successful adoption process that is quick and meets your needs.

Software has become so specialized that clients soon realize how hard it is to truly understand their options with publicly available content or by contacting vendors directly. By contrast, when companies engage with Castlebreck as their trusted business partner, they quickly obtain all the required information and product demonstrations. They learn all the different ways that each combination of products is packaged and sold, and whether a particular solution is right for them. The first thing we tell any new prospective client is, we work for you, not the vendor.

In a friendly, prompt, professional manner, we can help you determine:

  • Why you need the genres of solutions offered by Castlebreck
  • Which Castlebreck products and capabilities are right for your business
  • How our products and capabilities are packaged and sold. (We often can determine numerous valid ways for you to buy what you need)
  • How to get the best price and value once the right packaging has been established. (Why call the vendor yourself when you can have a Castlebreck expert help you?)
  • What is really involved in buying, planning and implementing products once the right packaging has been identified
  • What the real system requirements are for your organization. (Architectures change from version to version and in different environment, and that’s where our deep experience goes to work for you)

About Our Team

The Castlebreck Team is adept at quickly getting you the right answers to your questions and giving you the right guidance. We are here to be your long-term business partner providing solutions that help you succeed in the Connected Collaboration Era.

We also are skilled at application developement, and are able to help you integrate your applications and databases to improve your process.

Castlebreck as a company is deeply focused on IBM software and Enterprise Java, which delivers rapid, positive results to the customer. We have a great deal of experience building complex web applications. We also know productivity tools well and can deliver a solution that will streamline and modernize your workplace.