Become an IT Business Superhero – How Collaboration Tools Can Give You X-ray Vision


X-ray visions allows you to see behind walls and helps you understand risks that are hidden from you. With this capability, X-ray vision the IT business superhero can anticipate problems more effectively and prevent them from happening at all.

Start your journey to become an IT Business Hero as you discover your superpowers through interaction with four heroic friends through the essential and impactful discipline of information technology in the 21st Century.

Over the next four weeks, you will embark on a journey with:

  • Superman=X-ray Vision - Social Collaboration
  • Jean Gray (X-men)=Telepathy - Larger than life minds coming together
  • Night Crawler=Teleportation - Travel at the speed of thought
  • The Flash=Sonic Speed -Faster than a speeding workflow

“With great power comes great responsibility.” This famous life lesson was eloquently delivered by Peter Parker or Uncle Ben, more commonly known as the Amazing Spider-Man. Who turned this valuable lesson into an opportunity to become a superhero, using his superpowers for the greater good of humanity.

IT leaders may not look at themselves as holding “great power,” but they really do. Especially in today’s IT-dependent business landscape. They need to unleash this power or face the possibility of becoming powerless in the eyes of business leaders.

IT heroes need to exercise their power responsibly in order to maximize positive change for themselves, for their company and for their customers.
Today, collaboration software is an opportunity for key IT personnel to flex their powers and bring the business together in a collaborative environment. This allows for more voices to be heard, more opinions to be shared, allowing existing problems to be solved in more creative ways while simultaneously increasing the productivity of your teams.

Superman has decided to join us today on our path of indestructible greatness.

“Collaboration has a) become central to the high functioning of today’s knowledge worker (the worker that usually creates most of the bottom-line value in companies today), and b) continues to evolve as the arrival of new collaborative models is found to create high levels of differentiation and leverage to business operations.”

How Collaboration Affects Businesses

According to Clinked, 75% of businesses say online collaboration tools will be important to their business2.

Like Superman, you as an IT leaders can also see through barriers with comprehensive collaboration tools at your fingertips. You are able to deliver solutions to you clients that represent single version of the truth.

Business leaders, have new capabilities and powers to track what is going on with their workforce - in the field, on the floor, and in the boardrooms. Even when they’re not in the same physical space as their team, employers and managers need X-ray Vision to see work progress daily as it is completed.

Collaboration tools provide all stake holders the ability to see a connected view of all of their tasks through an intuitive dashboard. This enables every user on the team to view their calendars, schedules, activities, tasks, events, meetings, reminders and databases in one place with the ability to share and collaborate with others.

Through the gift of deep sight, you have the ability to provide in real-time, the right content, to the right team member immediately. Through your leadership, you become the superhero that saves the day.

What are the benefits of having X-ray Vision as a super power in the mighty IT world?

From the perspective of...

Senior Executives:

  • A detailed view of everything that is happening within your company
  • The ability to make better decisions based because you can see all the context
  • The opportunity further enhance thought leadership in your industry
  • A satisfied and productive team by being able to better understand their needs real-time

Operating Team:

  • Visible goals that help everyone work in alignment 
  • Accountability to all the stake holders is fostered by visibility
  • Time saved by being able to see the right information, in the right context
  • Continuity by making institutional knowledge and information available to new team members 


  • Ability to trust the process and focus on what they do best
  • Peace of mind knowing your organization is capturing everything they need to know
  • Happy customers who provide good referrals

By bringing all of these assets together, the picture of your workload is complete, and the entire workforce is be able to “work out loud.” The transparency creates accountability and engagement. Social collaboration is the catalyst to foster a purpose-driven community that comes together for a common goal.

Castlebreck can help you become a superhero for collaboration in your organization.

Based on our experience working on products serving hundreds of thousands of users, we teach leaders that great ideas often come from an unexpected person who has the right vantage point around an objective or problem. Much like the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, capturing the thoughts of the workforce harnesses its collective intelligence. Castlebreck’s clients get to tap into their employees potential to innovate and improve their business everyday by using social business best practices.”
—Colin Breckles, Castlebreck

Do you have the power of X-ray Vision?

Are you using your leadership position responsibly for the betterment of your organization?

Stay tuned next article on telepathy with Jean Gray (X-men).

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