First Day at Work? Connections Makes On-Boarding Easier


So, you’re the new guy and you thought that there would be some training your first week. Surprisingly, Its quarter end and no one seems to have time for you or pay much attention. The reality is; your 20 questions per hour makes for a counterproductive working environment.

Wouldn’t life be a whole lot easier if:

  • Every morning you could log into a central hub, to see the current happenings around the office and gain an understanding of how things work, and yourself also begin to contribute.
  • Answers to a great many of your questions were stored within a searchable centralized place, based on a familiar tagging system.
  • Pending responsibilities allocated to you were under a single tab conveniently named – “Action Required”.
  • Duties both assigned to you and that you delegated to others were available under your team “To Do” list, not only with expected completion dates, but also with running commentary on progress, considerations and status of each.
  • You could see who assigned an activity to you, so that if required, you could ask them targeted questions.

With all the fiction that floats around during this time of year, IBM Connections has made managing your daily tasks a simple reality.

Whether you are a seasoned veteran or the new guy (or girl) wading through the on-boarding process during your second week on the job, Connections Activities can help all involved to work smarter.

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