How to Use Internal Business Cards in IBM Connections to Create Credibility and Efficiency for Employees


Using Connections, every employee now gets a business card, not just the sales team. This internal business card is part of your IBM Connections profile. Although you can’t actually hold it, any staff member can get their hands on it and access your profile. This business card gains strength and you gain creditability, simply by doing your job.

Staff should start by adding a profile picture. A picture goes a long way to make you feel more acquainted with those who pass you in the halls or with those employees who work from home. Add “tags” to help be discovered; these are prominent keywords that describe your; interests, background or expertise. Tags ease everyday searches, which is a major part of IBM Connections’ value. The business card also shows your community involvement, your blog entries, wikis and answers found in forums. Much of the information auto-populates and staff will learn to identify other employees that are assets to their job function.

In the past, business cards were created to make your phone ring. This newer approach provides seekers the opportunity to find information on their own and minimize distractions and repetitive calls. How, you ask? Leverage files to post any documents or presentations that people commonly call/email you for all the time …“Is this the most current version?” .. and use Bookmarks to share powerful websites that you recommend or the team shares repetitively.

Your business card has now become a self-serve approach to your expertise. Used properly you’ll reduce the noise ratio, as people access your shared information without actually bothering you until required.

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