Ideation! Using Collaboration to Boost Creativity


Creativity within an organization can become it’s Achilles heel, whether trying to maintain a strong culture amongst employees or bringing innovation to the market. Companies of all sizes commonly find themselves retreading old content, in lieu of fresh ideas. So, how does an organization overcome such stagnation?

Introducing the concept of Ideation, a more contemporary approach than the old comment and suggestion box for employee submissions. Ideation allows companies to access the ideas of staff members at all corporate levels … in all departments. Your employees are on the front lines, gathering and generating great ideas every day. Ideation is the vehicle for staff to suggest and support content in a positive fashion. The fact is, it is the person who has the right vantage point around a particular issue, challenge or objective that often comes up with that fresh, compelling idea. You may have heard the term “knowledge accident”. That is an appropriate phrase for what occurs when the person with the right vantage point has an experience that is the catalyst for great new ideas.

Genius-strategists high in the organization chart can’t do it alone. They can harness the collective intelligence of the organization. When ideas are submitted, and people vote them up and collaborate around them by commenting and offering friendly amendments, leaders take notice. What is even better is that the platform provides a means to put an activity into motion, which reinforces the actions on the part of the employees who submitted the idea, voted for it and collaborated around it. Companies can apply this discovery process to all parts of their business instantly.

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