Wikis in IBM Connections Can Reduce the Number of Documents and Files in Your Organization


What is a wiki?
A wiki is a website or pages within a platform that allows collaborative editing of its content and structure by its users.

When do you use a wiki?
Wikis are a great option to use when you want to capture and share information by one or more people.

What is so wonderful about a wiki?

    • Wikis are fluid. They allow for very fluid creation of content.
    • Wiki viewing is rapid: Pages can be very rapidly loaded and viewed. A wiki page load happens much faster than trying to retrieve, open and view a file attachment such as a document or Acrobat file. Opening an external file attachment needs a delay while the file is downloaded, and then a subsequent delay while the associated application for the file’s type is opened, the file is loaded, and finally the file is viewable within the application.
    • Wiki page loads can happen almost instantaneously.
    • Wikis are hierarchical which creates a sense of order: A key characteristic of a wiki is that it is hierarchical. Pages can have child pages, which can in turn have child pages. The team creates the wiki structure and can more easily create a hierarchy that is sensible and convenient for team members to navigate and search.
    • A good wiki has a is self-documenting structure because every time you add a page, the wiki navigation reflects the new page in its location beneath its parent page, or as a top level page.
    • Wikis are also fluid in working with and reorganizing content: As the wiki grows and evolves, users can reorganize content in a fluid manner by moving pages around in the hierarchy. This single attribute is game changing because it is far easier than trying to reorganize a monolithic document.

Communities in IBM connections include an App for wikis. It is very simple to add in the app and start organizing content immediately. Find out more about how to use wikis in our collaboration training through the Connected Collaboration Institute.

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