Castle Blocks: Rapid Database Driven Web Applications and Widgets

Manage your data and activities efficiently with your own productivity tools – our versatile Castle Blocks solution will save you time and money on your custom build.

Choose from a suite of ready to use productivity tools to:

Castle Blocks: CRM and Rapid Web Based Database Apps
  • Manage, follow and report on tasks and activities
  • Organize contacts, meeting reports, campaigns and events
  • Integrate your databases with a modern front-end user interface
  • Use and customize in-house easily on your own
  • Forecast revenue and plan resources
  • Achieve better reporting and decision making to drive better outcomes
  • Save time and money both on initial development, and on changes and enhancements afterwards

Castlebreck is a solutions oriented IBM Business Partner; Our team can help your business grow.

Castlebreck is proud to offer our clients Castle Blocks, our own proprietary software solution to help you manage your information in relational databases with web front ends. Castlebreck can assess your workflow to streamline and modernize your workplace. We have been doing this for years using IBM products and now have built our own affordable suite of productivity tools that can be integrated and customized to your organizational needs. Established in 1995 and with a history of helping numerous companies prosper, Castlebreck's deep knowledge and skill in the collaboration space ensures successful adoption and integration of your social platform.

Areas of expertise include: IBM software, Web application, portal and mobile development, Advanced Ajax development, and Lotus Domino/Xpages. We use our skills to provide truly integrated solutions that work with what you own and integrate into the rest of your organization's IT environment.

Database integration with Castlebreck and Castle Blocks allows organizations to simplify and streamline their business processes rapidly and affordably.

What is Castle Blocks?

  • A quick solution for creating the apps your team needs to manage data in a real database instead of spreadsheets and shared folders without big custom development projects.
  • Castle Blocks is an inexpensive product that works with what you own, in the cloud or in your environment. We support the popular server and client operating systems, databases and directories your organization uses. Installation is trivial.
  • A means to simplify and streamline your business processes: many business problems go unsolved or are solved with brute force (email, spreadsheets, shared folders). This is because many needs cannot wait for typical custom app development, or it is too time consuming or expensive.
  • We have many ready-to go Castle Blocks which provide significant value out of the box. You can create more, or have Castlebreck or your business partner create more for you very quickly.
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Team task and activity management


Task and Activity Reports, Follow Tasks of Others
Linked to: Project / Opportunity, Organizations, Contact, Campaign, Event

Opportunities and projects


Forecast Revenue and Plan Resources
Line Items

Reporting, dashboard, analytics


Drive better outcomes
Capture opportunities and resolve issues by visually identifying and acting on trends in Leverage your data to execute better than the competition

Organization Profiles


One "version of the truth": single list of companies you do business with
Organization Profiles add necessary data: Customer, Vendor, Internal, Custom Account Targeting - Offering Categories, Targeting Statuses your annual battle plan.

Contact Management


Contact Management - Contact Profiles add necessary data
and permissions: Employee, Customer, Vendor, User detail
Call Reports/Meeting Reports
Campaign Management
Event Management
Plus custom module.