Social Business Webinar Series

Join our ongoing webinar series.

We will be hosting a series of webinars on social business topics and best practices of collaboration.  Dates to be confirmed.

Web Meeting and Dial-In Information will be provided to confirmed registrants prior to the event.

Some topics include:

  • Why every workforce needs a Connected Collaboration Platform to cope and compete.
  • The key requirements for a Connected Collaboration Platform.
  • How others use a Connected Collaboration Platform to manage documents/ data, connect, create engagement, enhance efficiency, innovate and outperform.
  • What is involved in a Connected Collaboration initiative – people, requirements, IT infrastructure, adoption and other considerations.
  • Ways to boost creativity and innovation in teams
  • Enhancing productivity

This is a great way to educate yourself about information management and collaboration tools, and social business. Stay at the end to ask more questions or book a consultation.

We will also be hearing from thought leaders from our Connected Collabroation Institute pilot training program in our summer information sessions – Register seperately for these: July 20th and August 24th. 


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