IBM WebSphere Portal

IBM WebSphere portal is the best way to manage powerful, integrated, and content-driven multi-channel web experiences.

IBM WebSphere Portal
  • Organize all your stuff and people in one place
  • Bring partners and customers into collaboration conversations
  • Achieve and accessible, mobile and secure workspace
  • Empowers, engages and allows for innovation anywhere
  • Integrates seamlessly with Microsoft-centric environments, Linux, and other directories & databases

Castlebreck is a solutions oriented IBM Business Partner; Our team can help your business grow.

Established in 1995 and with a history of helping numerous companies prosper, Castlebreck's deep knowledge and skill in the collaboration space ensures successful adoption of your social platform. We help enterprises globally by finding the best solutions and accelerating deployment.

WebSphere Portal supports workflows, content management, social, mobile web delivery, simplified usability and administration, open standards, security and scalability. These capabilities provide an exceptional web experience to help you become a social business.

WebSphere portal meets the needs of a modern growing enterprise business.

Are you looking for an integrated communications solution that connects everyone and everything in one secure mobile place?

IBM WebSphere provide the following solutions:

  • Application Infrastructure - Build, deploy and run applications in a proven, secure and flexible environment.
  • Connectivity, Integration and SOA - Linking applications and services for operational efficiency and cost savings.
  • Mobile Development and Connectivity - Quickly and efficiently develop mobile apps that deliver rich user experiences.
  • Business Process Management - Optimize business performance by documenting, deploying and continuously improving end-to-end business processes.
  • Portals - Deliver a point of personalized interaction with applications, content, processes and people.
  • Mobile Management and Security - Gain visibility and control to enforce a mobile security strategy.
  • Commerce - Automate and integrate online marketing and sales processes across multiple channels.
  • Software for IBM System z (US) - Develop, integrate, modernize, and deploy your applications and new workloads on System z.
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We Are Different

We've worked with WebSphere Portal and other IBM software products for years and knows their capabilities well. We provide hybrid on-premise/cloud architectures and planning to understand your cloud architecture options. We also have deep middleware skills on the hosted IBM Software Products (IBM Domino, IBM Notes, IBM Traveler, WebSphere Application Server, IBM Sametime, IBM Connections, and more) and can help you integrate easily with these business solutions when the time comes. Our proactive planning process helps you with successful implementation and adoption and to mitigate your risk. Let us help you make the best choices for your organization.
Why Castlebreck?
  • Canada's leading IBM Collaboration Premier Business Partner
  • A proven history of helping hundreds of companies get ahead
  • Answers and guidance to your questions from start to finish
  • Help with finding the right solutions for the right price
  • Latest training and certifications from IBM
  • Highly skilled in successful data migration
  • Committed to being your long-term business partner

IBM WebSphere Portals with Castlebreck is the stepping stone to succeeding in the Connected Collaboration Era.

Castlebreck can help you find the right technology solution from our suite of integrated IBM products including our own flexible Castleblocks Software and skilled developmentteam for customized applications or integration. We can help you achieve better results in your business.

Call Castlebreck first to get maximum value from your IBM investment.