Mobile Solutions

Transform your business and solve the needs of your mobile workforce in the Connected Collaboration Era with Castlebreck.

Inspire your workforce to be productive away from their desk at any time and any place.

mobile solutions
  • Connect like a modern business
  • Access the right documents at the right time
  • Gain flexibility and security
  • Achieve security and multiple device compatibility
  • Integrate documents, business applications and social collaboration
  • Increase productivity and reduce overall costs

Castlebreck is a solutions oriented IBM Business Partner; Our team can help your business grow.

Your workforce expects mobile solutions to be as good as desktop solutions. The shift to mobile is dramatically changing the way people work and companies do business. Let Castlebreck team up with you to re-evaluate your mobile strategy and solve the needs of your mobile workforce. Established in 1995 and with a history of helping numerous companies prosper, Castlebreck's deep knowledge and skill in the collaboration space ensures successful adoption of your mobile social platform. To succeed, you need more than a piecemeal solution. You need a partner who can deliver a true end-to-end mobility service.

Mobile solutions with Castlebreck meets modern communication needs.

What can you do from your mobile device?

  • Join a meeting
  • Conduct an audio call (via real-time collaboration, not just telephone calls)
  • Conduct a video call from your tablet
  • Access and share files
  • Carry on secure instant messaging calls with colleagues
  • Stay up to date with conversations and work actions among your team
  • Receive important notifications
  • Check your work schedule and real-time schedules of your team
  • Access company databases
  • Quickly retrieve answers and information stored in collaborative wikis
  • and much more...

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    We Are Different

    We've successfully worked with IBM software products for years and know the mobile space well. We understand their capabilities so well that we are able to partner with you to strategize on the most effective implementation plan for a social networking collaboration platform. After we collaboratively develop the plan, we help you execute it because every client has unique business requirements. We also have deep middleware skills on the hosted IBM Software Products (IBM Domino, IBM Connections, IBM Traveler, Websphere Application Server, IBM Sametime, and more) and can we help you integrate easily with these business solutions when the time comes. Our proactive migration plan establishes an adoption process that is effective for your team and mitigates risks to your business. We work side by side with you to help you successfully navigate the necessary technological choices that you need to make.
    Why Castlebreck?
    • Canada's leading IBM Collaboration Premier Business Partner
    • A proven history of helping hundreds of companies get ahead
    • Answers and guidance to your questions from start to finish
    • Help with finding the right solutions for the right price
    • Latest training and certifications from IBM
    • Highly skilled in successful data migration
    • Committed to being your long-term business partner

    Partnering with Castlebreck on your mobile strategy is the best way to succeed in the Connected Collaboration Era.

    Castlebreck understands modern mobile needs and can help you find the right technology solution from our suite of integrated IBM products including our own flexible Castleblocks Software and skilled development team for customized applications or integration. Our deep experience includes IBM Domino, IBM Notes, IBM Traveler, Websphere Application Server, IBM Sametime, IBM Connections, IBM Enterprise Content Management ECM and more.

    Your mobile device is a very important productivity tool.

    In our global world, team members must be able to work from wherever they are, with whatever device they have within arm's reach. They need access to the right documents and information, and they need to be in the loop about work being performed. They must be able to view, comment and contribute while away from the office.

    Castlebreck can help you re-evaluate your mobile strategy to solve the needs of your mobile workforce.

    Call Castlebreck first to get maximum value from your IBM investment.