I wish to thank you and your team for providing us with tremendous savings on our IBM Software Licensing portfolio, year after year. Not only have you always provided much better pricing than IBM and other business partners, your quotes include IBM product selections specifically tailored to meet our company’s objectives and growth expectations. Your knowledge of the IBM Software products and their complex licensing options continues to be a significant asset. Equally impressive is your long record of excellent technical support and guidance that you have provided us over the past many years.
Thank you!

~Dale Sinstead, Director, Information Systems & Technology, Pioneer Energy LP

Good to great experiences are rare – Osgoode Hall Law School engaged Castlebreck for a collaboration solution using IBM Connections and from the start of the engagement to the completion the experience was truly great. From the completeness of vision being executed, as well as great value for the total cost of the solution, the level of integrity was truly inspiring and set the bar very high for other vendors/partners in my eyes. IT executives should take note that Colin and his team are the real deal.

~Sam Wong, Director of IT (former), Osgoode Hall Law School

We are a multinational financial services conglomerate operating in several countries. As a result of changes in the organization, our division’s objective was to establish a separate organizational unit with an independent systems infrastructure. That included separate e-mail and documents management system serving staff located in North America and EU. We evaluated several options during the due diligence process, and Castlebreck’s solution utilizing IBM collaboration products for messaging and mobility was selected as most suitable and cost efficient for our organization. We have subsequently entered into a cloud hosting agreement with Castlebreck.

As part of our unit relocation project, Castlebreck’s technical team implemented and configured IBM Middleware products in their VMWare cloud infrastructure. The subsequent historical e-mail files and document databases transfer to the new environment was conducted in a very efficient manner, proving Castlebreck’s team technical expertise. After the transfer and switch to the new environment was completed, staff in all offices, including mobile device users in all locations started accessing data in the new data center hosted by Castlebreck. The entire transfer and switch operation was conducted seamlessly, and was transparent to the end-users.

We are very satisfied with the decision to select Castlebreck as a provider of such vital services to our organization. We are relying heavily on their expertise to ensure communication channels reliability and mobile devices connectivity. Castlebreck’s support team comprised of experienced professionals, provides an excellent and responsive support to our IT team. We have not experienced any service interruptions during the one year period since the relocation. On several occasions during that period Castlebreck demonstrated flexibility and acted pro-actively to ensure uninterrupted services. They also implemented new solutions to more efficiently manage storage space and helped us save on storage costs. We are glad to have Castlebreck as our support organization.

~Divisional Director, IT Services

I have been a very happy Lotus/IBM Notes user since the later 1980s – long before IBM acquired Lotus Development Corporation in 1995. I was concerned that when my main IT service provider decided not to continue with a Notes service, I would not be able to continue my use of Notes. Colin Breckles and Christine made the Domino Enterprise CAL and associated support became much easier and much better they knew how to make it happen – and they did! Thanks for suggesting them to me. It has all worked out extremely well. I quite like working with them. I find them very attentive and accommodating and I’m delighted with their attention and service. I wouldn’t hesitate at all to recommend them to others – corporate or individual.

~Ron M., IT Executive