Software And Cloud Services for Digital Work

You’re trying to achieve specific business and technical goals: See the services we provide to power digital work and commerce, which we hope will help you achieve these goals.

We know data, we know it's importance, and we know that all big decisions need to be based on great information. The services listed below are the most popular we offer to customers, who, just like you, need solutions to turn their data into actionable tools. We also have other enhanced services to customize our offerings for a perfect fit with your needs, and are happy to explore all the ways we can help arm your business with the most cutting edge solutions available in market today.

Application Development

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We build apps your team will love to use.

You want a capable application developer who understands you, will understand your needs and build great applications to help you execute on your plans.

Databases, Operating Systems, Directories / Authentication

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We manage your database - help with how you get data in, keep it organized and get it out, using the database of your choice.

We can design databases to store your data according to best practices, which will mean it is easier to scale the volume of the data your store, and more flexible to manage that data, report on that data and synchronize that data in the future.

Managed Apps

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We keep your apps running smoothly.

With our Managed Apps offering, you count on us to assume responsibility for ongoing development, management and operations of some set of applications for you, so that you know that we will be there for you, and your apps will be available and reliable.

Cloud Hosting

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We happily cloud-host most products we work with.

As a cloud-service-provider (CSP), Castlebreck offers different cloud-hosting solutions including Microsoft Azure Cloud hosting and in-country private cloud hosting.

Microsoft Azure Services

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We are a Microsoft Azure Cloud Service Provider (Azure CSP)

We deliver to your individual business requirements and believe in the cloud to provide better results, faster.

HCL Domino and Digital Solutions Services (formerly IBM Domino / Lotus Notes)

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Castlebreck is a leading partner with an HCL Ambassador on staff.

We provide Domino and other HCL Digital Solutions application development, upgrades, maintenance, patching and provide other environment support.